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Legal Disclosure

HazMatTool has been carefully programed according to the state of science and technology and will be updated as carefully. Using is at your own risk. Liability for the website for whatever reason - is, as far as legally, excluded. Particularly for property and title of the website and the software and the documentation and information is so - especially in terms of their correctness, accuracy, freedom from property or third party rights, timeliness, completeness or usability.
The provider try to keep its website free from viruses, however, no virus-free software and information can be ensured . The user is therefore advised to ensure appropriate security measures and virus scan.

Privacy Protection

This website logs data such as the IP address, etc. of the users and visitors of this website. These data do not identify a person. They are used to administrate the site and for security and monitoring purposes.
If personal data are entered, they will be kept strictly confidential. Personal data will not be sold by the provider or to third parties.

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