Diethylene glycol dinitrate

Diethylene glycol dinitrate is a nitrated alcohol ester produced by the action of concentrated nitric acid on diethylene glycol, normally with an excess of strong sulfuric acid as a dehydrating agent. Diethylene glycol dinitrate is a colorless, odorless, viscous, oily liquid, with specific gravity 1.4092 at 0 °C and 1.3846 at 20 °C; freezing point −11.5 °C under a standard atmosphere; the theoretical boiling point of approximately 197 °C difficult to confirm as the compound begins to decompose and spontaneously inflames at or slightly below this temperature. Partial pressure is reported as 0.007 mmHg (930 mPa) at 22.4 °C and 760 mmHg (101 kPa). It is readily miscible in most non-polar solvents, methanol, and cold acetic acid. Solubility in water (4.1 g/L at 24 °C) and ethanol is very low. Wikipedia

Data from the Hazardous Materials Table

Source: 49 CFR §172 (2018/07)

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Segregation Chart for Load, Transport, Storage

In this table a statement is contained for each hazard class whether the loading, transport or storage with other hazard classes is allowed, is not permitted or is restricted. The table is based on U.S.-Code 49 CFR §177.848.