Fulminating silver

Fulminating silver is a historic name which may apply to a number of silver based explosives which "fulminate" or detonate easily and violently. It has no exact chemical or dictionary definition, but may refer to: silver fulminate (which, confusingly, is the only "fulminating silver" to be a silver compound with the fulminate anion) silver azide, AgN3 a mixture, a decomposition product of Tollens' reagent silver nitride, Ag3N - one of the earliest silver based explosives the alchemical substance "Argentum Fulminans"The stability of many of these compounds can vary depending on how they are stored or handled, with levels of hydration often being a major factor. Wikipedia

Data from the Hazardous Materials Table

Source: 49 CFR §172 (2018/07)

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Segregation Chart for Load, Transport, Storage

In this table a statement is contained for each hazard class whether the loading, transport or storage with other hazard classes is allowed, is not permitted or is restricted. The table is based on U.S.-Code 49 CFR §177.848.

Substances with similar name

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