Hexanitroethane (HNE) is an organic compound with chemical formula C2N6O12 or (O2N)3C-C(NO2)3. It is a solid matter with a melting point of 135 °C. Hexanitroethane is used in some pyrotechnic compositions as a nitrogen-rich oxidizer, e.g. in some decoy flare compositions and some propellants. Like hexanitrobenzene, HNE is investigated as a gas source for explosively pumped gas dynamic laser. A composition of HNE as oxidizer with boron as fuel is being investigated as a new explosive. Wikipedia

Data from the Hazardous Materials Table

Source: 49 CFR §172 (2018/07)

(3) Hazard Class

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(8A) Exceptions n/asee 49 CFR §173. n/a
(8B) Non-bulk n/asee 49 CFR §173. n/a
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Segregation Chart for Load, Transport, Storage

In this table a statement is contained for each hazard class whether the loading, transport or storage with other hazard classes is allowed, is not permitted or is restricted. The table is based on U.S.-Code 49 CFR §177.848.

Substances with similar name

UN-NumberNameHazard Class
UN 2842Nitroethane3