Methyl chloride and methylene chloride mixtures

Emergency Response Guide No. 115

Data from the Hazardous Materials Table

Source: 49 CFR §172 (2018/07)

(3) Hazard Class

Flammable gases

(4) Identification number Help

UN 1912

(5) Packing Group Help


(6) Labels Help

Flammable gases (2.1) Cargo Aircraft Only (Cargo Aircraft Only)

(7) Special Provisions (§172.102) Help

Special provisions may be very complex. The extracts are taken from 49 CFR §172.102. Please be careful with the information, as necessary, additional conditions may be applied that are not written here. Please check the original source and report bugs.

(8) Packing Authorizations (§173.***) Help

(8A) Exceptions306see 49 CFR §173.306
(8B) Non-bulk304see 49 CFR §173.304
(8C) Bulk314, 315see 49 CFR §173.314, 315

(9) Quantity Limits Help

(9A) Passenger aircraft/railForbidden
(9B) Cargo aircraft only150 kg

(10) Vessel stowage Help

(10A) Location
(10B) Other

Segregation Chart for Load, Transport, Storage

In this table a statement is contained for each hazard class whether the loading, transport or storage with other hazard classes is allowed, is not permitted or is restricted. The table is based on U.S.-Code 49 CFR §177.848.

red May not be loaded, transported, or stored together in the same transport vehicle or storage facility.
green Load, transport, storage together is not restricted.
yellow Load, transport, storage together is allowed under restrictions.

Substances with similar name

UN-NumberNameHazard Class
Azido hydroxy tetrazole (mercury and silver salts)Forbidden
UN 1458Chlorate and borate mixtures5.1
UN 3407Chlorate and magnesium chloride mixture solution5.1
UN 1581Chloropicrin and methyl bromide mixtures2.3
Dinitrosobenzylamidine and salts of (dry)Forbidden
UN 1952Ethylene oxide and carbon dioxide mixtures with not more than 9 percent ethylene oxide2.2
UN 3300Ethylene oxide and carbon dioxide mixture with more than 87 percent ethylene oxide2.3
UN 3298Ethylene oxide and pentafluoroethane mixture with not more than 7.9 percent ethylene oxide2.2
UN 2983Ethylene oxide and propylene oxide mixtures, with not more than 30 percent ethylene oxide3
UN 0293Grenades, hand or rifle, with bursting charge1.2F
UN 0372Grenades, practice, hand or rifle1.2G
UN 0452Grenades practice, hand or rifle1.4G
UN 1612Hexaethyl tetraphosphate and compressed gas mixtures2.3
UN 1647Methyl bromide and ethylene dibromide mixtures, liquid6.1
Methyl chloride and chloropicrin mixtures, see Chloropicrin and methyl chloride mixtures
UN 1912Methyl chloride and methylene chloride mixtures2.1
UN 1975Nitric oxide and dinitrogen tetroxide mixturesor Nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide mixtures2.3
NA 1967Parathion and compressed gas mixture2.3
Phosphorus (white or red) and a chlorate, mixtures ofForbidden
UN 1848Propionic acid with not less than 10% and less than 90% acid by mass8
R 500, see Dichlorodifluoromethane and difluorethane, etc
UN 0373Signal devices, hand1.4S
Sulfur and chlorate, loose mixtures ofForbidden
Sulfuric and hydrofluoric acid mixtures, see Hydrofluoric and sulfuric acid mixtures
UN 1700Tear gas candles6.1