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Special Provision

CAS/UN/NA-NumberNameHazard Class
UN 31591,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane or Refrigerant gas R 134a2.2
UN 3165Aircraft hydraulic power unit fuel tank (containing a mixture of anhydrous hydrazine and monomethyl hydrazine) (M86 fuel)3
UN 3140Alkaloids, liquid, n.o.s., or Alkaloid salts, liquid, n.o.s.6.1
UN 3145
CAS 88-18-6
Alkylphenols, liquid, n.o.s. (including C2-C12 homologues)8
UN 3170Aluminum smelting by-products or Aluminum remelting by-products4.3
UN 3141Antimony compounds, inorganic, liquid, n.o.s6.1
UN 3164Articles, pressurized pneumatic or hydraulic containing non-flammable gas2.2
UN 3171Battery-powered vehicle or Battery-powered equipment9
UN 3156Compressed gas, oxidizing, n.o.s.2.2
UN 3150Devices, small, hydrocarbon gas powered or Hydrocarbon gas refills for small devices with release device2.1
UN 3142Disinfectants, liquid, toxic, n.o.s.6.1
UN 3147Dyes, solid, corrosive, n.o.s. or Dye intermediates, solid, corrosive, n.o.s.8
UN 3143Dyes, solid, toxic, n.o.s. or Dye intermediates, solid, toxic, n.o.s.6.1
UN 3138Ethylene, acetylene and propylene in mixture, refrigerated liquid with at least 71.5 percent ethylene with not more than 22.5 percent acetylene and not more than 6 percent propylene2.1
UN 3180Flammable solid, corrosive, inorganic, n.o.s.4.1
UN 3178Flammable solid, inorganic, n.o.s.4.1
UN 3176Flammable solid, organic, molten, n.o.s.4.1
UN 3179Flammable solid, toxic, inorganic, n.o.s.4.1
UN 3167Gas sample, non-pressurized, flammable, n.o.s., not refrigerated liquid2.1
UN 3168Gas sample, non-pressurized, toxic, flammable, n.o.s., not refrigerated liquid2.3
UN 3169Gas sample, non-pressurized, toxic, n.o.s., not refrigerated liquid2.3
UN 3158Gas, refrigerated liquid, n.o.s. (cryogenic liquid)2.2
UN 3149Hydrogen peroxide and peroxyacetic acid mixtures, stabilized with acids, water, and not more than 5 percent peroxyacetic acid5.1
UN 3161Liquefied gas, flammable, n.o.s.2.1
UN 3163Liquefied gas, n.o.s.2.2