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Special Provision
CAS/UN/NA-NumberNameHazard Class
UN 30552-(2-Aminoethoxy) ethanol8
UN 26862-Diethylaminoethanol8
UN 20512-Dimethylaminoethanol8
Aminopropyldiethanolamine, see Amines, etc
UN 2873Dibutylaminoethanol6.1
Diethanol nitrosamine dinitrate (dry)Forbidden
Ethanol amine dinitrateForbidden
UN 3475Ethanol and gasoline mixture or Ethanol and motor spirit mixture or Ethanol and petrol mixture, with more than 10% ethanol3
UN 1170
CAS 64-17-5
Ethanol or Ethyl alcohol or Ethanol solutions or Ethyl alcohol solutions3
UN 2491
CAS 141-43-5
Ethanolamine or Ethanolamine solutions8
Ethyl alcohol, see Ethanol
UN 1230
CAS 67-56-1
Methyl alcohol, see Methanol
Monoethanolamine, see Ethanolamine, solutions