Index of Hazardous Materials

CAS/UN/NA-NumberNameHazard Class
UN 1400
CAS 7440-39-3
UN 1854Barium alloys, pyrophoric4.2
UN 0224Barium azide, dry or wetted with less than 50 percent water, by mass1.1A
UN 1571Barium azide, wetted with not less than 50 percent water, by mass4.1
UN 2719Barium bromate5.1
UN 1445
CAS 13477-00-4
Barium chlorate, solid5.1
UN 3405Barium chlorate, solution5.1
UN 1564
CAS 10294-40-3
Barium compounds, n.o.s6.1
UN 1565
CAS 542-62-1
Barium cyanide6.1
UN 2741Barium hypochlorite with more than 22 percent available chlorine5.1
UN 1446Barium nitrate5.1
UN 1884Barium oxide6.1
UN 1447Barium perchlorate, solid5.1
UN 3406Barium perchlorate, solution5.1
UN 1448
CAS 7787-36-2
Barium permanganate5.1
UN 1449
CAS 1304-29-6
Barium peroxide5.1
Barium selenate, see Selenates or Selenites
Barium selenite, see Selenates or Selenites
UN 3292Batteries, containing sodium4.3
UN 3028Batteries, dry, containing potassium hydroxide solid, electric storage.8
Batteries, dry, sealed, n.o.s.
UN 3496Batteries, nickel-metal hydride see Batteries, dry, sealed, n.o.s. for nickel-metal hydride batteries transported by modes other than vessel9
UN 2794Batteries, wet, filled with acid, electric storage8
UN 2795Batteries, wet, filled with alkali, electric storage8
UN 2800Batteries, wet, non-spillable, electric storage8
UN 2796Battery fluid, acid8
UN 2797Battery fluid, alkali8
Battery lithium type, see Lithium batteries etc
Battery, wet, filled with acid or alkali with vehicle or mechanical equipment containing an internal combustion engine, see Vehicle, etc. or Engines, internal combustion, etc
UN 3171Battery-powered vehicle or Battery-powered equipment9
UN 1990
CAS 100-52-7
UN 1114Benzene3
Benzene diazonium chloride (dry)Forbidden
Benzene diazonium nitrate (dry)Forbidden
Benzene phosphorus dichloride, see Phenyl phosphorus dichloride
Benzene phosphorus thiodichloride, see Phenyl phosphorus thiodichloride
UN 2225
CAS 98-09-9
Benzene sulfonyl chloride8
Benzene triozonideForbidden
Benzenethiol, see Phenyl mercaptan
UN 1885
CAS 92-87-5
Benzol, see Benzene
UN 2224
CAS 100-47-0
UN 2587
CAS 106-51-4
UN 2226
CAS 98-07-7
UN 2338
CAS 98-08-8
Benzoxidiazoles (dry)Forbidden
Benzoyl azideForbidden
UN 1736
CAS 98-88-4
Benzoyl chloride8
UN 1737Benzyl bromide6.1
UN 1738
CAS 100-44-7
Benzyl chloride6.1
UN 1738
CAS 100-44-7
Benzyl chloride unstabilized6.1
UN 1739
CAS 501-53-1
Benzyl chloroformate8
UN 2653Benzyl iodide6.1
UN 2619Benzyldimethylamine8
UN 1886
CAS 98-87-3
Benzylidene chloride6.1
UN 1566
CAS 1304-56-9
Beryllium compounds, n.o.s6.1
UN 2464
CAS 13597-99-4
Beryllium nitrate5.1
UN 1567Beryllium, powder6.1
UN 3411beta-Naphthylamine solution6.1
UN 1650
CAS 91-59-8
beta-Naphthylamine, solid6.1
UN 2251Bicyclo [2,2,1] hepta-2,5-diene, stabilized or 2,5-Norbornadiene, stabilized3
UN 3373Biological substance, Category B6.2
Biphenyl triozonideForbidden
UN 2782
CAS 4685-14-7
Bipyridilium pesticides, liquid, flammable, toxic, flash point less than 23 degrees C3
UN 3016Bipyridilium pesticides, liquid, toxic6.1
UN 3015Bipyridilium pesticides, liquid, toxic, flammable, flash point not less than 23 degrees C6.1
UN 2781Bipyridilium pesticides, solid, toxic6.1
Bis (Aminopropyl) piperazine, see Corrosive liquid, n.o.s.
UN 2837Bisulfate, aqueous solution8
UN 2693
CAS 10192-30-0
Bisulfites, aqueous solutions, n.o.s.8
NA 0027Black powder for small arms4.1
UN 0027Black powder or Gunpowder, granular or as a meal1.1D
UN 0028Black powder, compressed or Gunpowder, compressed or Black powder, in pellets or Gunpowder, in pellets1.1D
Blasting agent, n.o.s., see Explosives, blasting etc
Blasting cap assemblies, see Detonator assemblies, non-electric, for blasting
Blasting caps, electric, see Detonators, electric for blasting
Blasting caps, non-electric, see Detonators, non-electric, for blasting
Bleaching powder, see Calcium hypochlorite mixtures, etc
UN 0399Bombs with flammable liquid, with bursting charge1.1J
UN 0037Bombs, photo-flash1.1F
UN 2028Bombs, smoke, non-explosive, with corrosive liquid, without initiating device8
UN 0033Bombs, with bursting charge1.1F
UN 0225Boosters with detonator1.1B
UN 0042Boosters, without detonator1.1D
Borate and chlorate mixtures, see Chlorate and borate mixtures
UN 1312Borneol4.1
UN 2692
CAS 10294-33-4
Boron tribromide8
UN 1741Boron trichloride2.3
UN 1008Boron trifluoride2.3
UN 1742Boron trifluoride acetic acid complex, liquid8
UN 3419Boron trifluoride acetic acid complex, solid8
UN 2604
CAS 109-63-7
Boron trifluoride diethyl etherate8
UN 2851Boron trifluoride dihydrate8
UN 2965
CAS 353-42-4
Boron trifluoride dimethyl etherate4.3
UN 1743Boron trifluoride propionic acid complex, liquid8
UN 3420Boron trifluoride propionic acid complex, solid8
UN 3519Boron trifluoride, adsorbed2.3
Box toe gum, see Nitrocellulose etc
UN 3213Bromates, inorganic, aqueous solution, n.o.s5.1
UN 1450Bromates, inorganic, n.o.s5.1
UN 1744Bromine8
Bromine azideForbidden
UN 2901
CAS 13863-41-7
Bromine chloride2.3
UN 1745Bromine pentafluoride5.1
UN 1744Bromine solutions8
UN 1746Bromine trifluoride5.1
UN 1938Bromoacetic acid solution8
UN 3425Bromoacetic acid, solid8
UN 1569Bromoacetone6.1
UN 2513Bromoacetyl bromide8
UN 2514
CAS 108-86-1
UN 1694Bromobenzyl cyanides, liquid6.1
UN 3449Bromobenzyl cyanides, solid6.1
UN 1887
CAS 74-97-5
UN 2515
CAS 75-25-2
UN 2342
CAS 507-19-7
UN 2344
CAS 106-94-5
Bromotoluene-alpha, see Benzyl bromide
UN 2419Bromotrifluoroethylene2.1
UN 1009
CAS 75-63-8
Bromotrifluoromethane or Refrigerant gas, R 13B1.2.2
UN 1570
CAS 357-57-3
UN 0043Bursters, explosive1.1D
UN 1010
CAS 106-99-0
Butadienes, stabilized or Butadienes and Hydrocarbon mixture, stabilized containing more than 40% butadienes2.1
UN 1011Butane see also Petroleum gases, liquefied2.1
Butane, butane mixtures and mixtures having similar properties in cartridges each not exceeding 500 grams, see Receptacles, etc
UN 2346
CAS 431-03-8
UN 1120
CAS 75-65-0
UN 1123
CAS 105-46-4
Butyl acetates3
UN 1718Butyl acid phosphate8
UN 2348
CAS 141-32-2
Butyl acrylates, stabilized3
Butyl alcohols, see Butanols
UN 2709
CAS 104-51-8
Butyl benzenes3
Butyl ethers, see Dibutyl ethers
Butyl ethyl ether, see Ethyl butyl ether
UN 2347
CAS 109-79-5
Butyl mercaptan3
UN 2350Butyl methyl ether3
UN 2351Butyl nitrites3
Butyl phosphoric acid, see Butyl acid phosphate
UN 1914Butyl propionates3
UN 2352
CAS 111-34-2
Butyl vinyl ether, stabilized3
UN 1012
CAS 106-98-9
Butylene see also Petroleum gases, liquefied2.1
UN 2667
CAS 98-51-1
UN 1747
CAS 7521-80-4
UN 1129
CAS 123-72-8
UN 2840Butyraldoxime3
UN 2820
CAS 107-92-6
Butyric acid8
UN 2739
CAS 106-31-0
Butyric anhydride8
UN 2411
CAS 109-74-0
UN 2353Butyryl chloride3