Index of Hazardous Materials

CAS/UN/NA-NumberNameHazard Class
UN 3363Dangerous Goods in Machinery or Dangerous Goods in Apparatus9
UN 1868Decaborane4.1
UN 1147
CAS 91-17-8
UN 0132Deflagrating metal salts of aromatic nitroderivatives, n.o.s.1.3C
Delay electric igniter, see Igniters
NA 1987Denatured alcohol3
Depth charges, see Charges, depth
UN 3379Desensitized explosive, liquid, n.o.s.3
UN 3380Desensitized explosive, solid, n.o.s.4.1
Detonating relays, see Detonators, etc
UN 0360Detonator assemblies, non-electric for blasting1.1B
UN 0361Detonator assemblies, non-electric, for blasting1.4B
UN 0365Detonators for ammunition1.4B
UN 0456Detonators, electric for blasting1.4S
UN 0255Detonators, electric, for blasting1.4B
UN 0455Detonators, non-electric, for blasting1.4S
UN 1957
CAS 7782-39-0
Deuterium, compressed2.1
UN 3150Devices, small, hydrocarbon gas powered or Hydrocarbon gas refills for small devices with release device2.1
Di-(1-hydroxytetrazole) (dry)Forbidden
Di-(1-naphthoyl) peroxideForbidden
Di-(beta-nitroxyethyl) ammonium nitrateForbidden
Di-(tert-butylperoxy) phthalate, with more than 55 percent in solutionForbidden
Di-2,4-dichlorobenzoyl peroxide, with more than 75 percent with waterForbidden
Di-2-ethylhexyl phosphoric acid, see Diisooctyl acid phosphate
UN 2841Di-n-amylamine3
Di-n-butyl peroxydicarbonate, with more than 52 percent in solutionForbidden
UN 2248
CAS 111-92-2
UN 2384
CAS 111-43-3
Di-n-propyl ether3
UN 1148
CAS 123-42-2
Diacetone alcohol3
Diacetone alcohol peroxides, with more than 57 percent in solution with more than 9 percent hydrogen peroxide, less than 26 percent diacetone alcohol and less than 9 percent water; total active oxygen content more than 9 percent by massForbidden
Diacetyl peroxide, solid, or with more than 25 percent in solutionForbidden
Diacetyl, see Butanedione
UN 2359
CAS 124-02-7
UN 2360Diallylether3
Diazoaminotetrazole (dry)Forbidden
Diazodinitrophenol (dry)Forbidden
UN 0074Diazodinitrophenol, wetted with not less than 40 percent water or mixture of alcohol and water, by mass1.1A
Diazonium nitrates (dry)Forbidden
Diazonium perchlorates (dry)Forbidden
Dibenzyl peroxydicarbonate, with more than 87 percent with waterForbidden
UN 2434Dibenzyldichlorosilane8
UN 1911
CAS 19287-45-7
NA 1911Diborane mixtures2.1
UN 2872
CAS 96-12-8
UN 1941
CAS 75-61-6
Dibromodifluoromethane, R12B29
UN 2664
CAS 74-95-3
UN 1149
CAS 142-96-1
Dibutyl ethers3
UN 2873Dibutylaminoethanol6.1
UN 1764
CAS 79-43-6
Dichloroacetic acid8
UN 1765
CAS 79-36-7
Dichloroacetyl chloride8
UN 1590
CAS 554-00-7
Dichloroanilines, liquid6.1
UN 3442Dichloroanilines, solid6.1
UN 2602Dichlorodifluoromethane and difluoroethane azeotropic mixture or Refrigerant gas R 500 with approximately 74 percent dichlorodifluoromethane2.2
UN 1028
CAS 75-71-8
Dichlorodifluoromethane or Refrigerant gas R 122.2
UN 2249
CAS 542-88-1
Dichlorodimethyl ether, symmetrical6.1
Dichloroethyl sulfideForbidden
UN 1029
CAS 75-43-4
Dichlorofluoromethane or Refrigerant gas R212.2
UN 2465
CAS 2244-21-5
Dichloroisocyanuric acid, dry or Dichloroisocyanuric acid salts5.1
UN 2490
CAS 108-60-1
Dichloroisopropyl ether6.1
UN 1593
CAS 75-09-2
UN 1152Dichloropentanes3
UN 2250
CAS 102-36-3
Dichlorophenyl isocyanates6.1
UN 1766Dichlorophenyltrichlorosilane8
Dichloropropene and propylene dichloride mixture, see 1,2- Dichloropropane
UN 2047
CAS 10061-01-5
UN 2189Dichlorosilane2.3
Dicycloheptadiene, see Bicyclo [2,2,1] hepta-2,5-diene, stabilized
UN 2565Dicyclohexylamine8
UN 2687Dicyclohexylammonium nitrite4.1
UN 2048
CAS 77-73-6
UN 1465Didymium nitrate5.1
NA 1993Diesel fuel3
Diethanol nitrosamine dinitrate (dry)Forbidden
UN 2373Diethoxymethane3
UN 2366
CAS 105-58-8
Diethyl carbonate3
Diethyl cellosolve, see Ethylene glycol diethyl ether
UN 1155
CAS 60-29-7
Diethyl ether or Ethyl ether3
UN 1156
CAS 96-22-0
Diethyl ketone3
Diethyl peroxydicarbonate, with more than 27 percent in solutionForbidden
UN 1594
CAS 64-67-5
Diethyl sulfate6.1
UN 2375
CAS 352-93-2
Diethyl sulfide3
UN 1154
CAS 109-89-7
UN 2049
CAS 105-05-5
UN 1767
CAS 1719-53-5
Diethylene glycol dinitrateForbidden
UN 0075
CAS 693-21-0
Diethyleneglycol dinitrate, desensitized with not less than 25 percent non-volatile water-insoluble phlegmatizer, by mass1.1D
UN 2079
CAS 111-40-0
Diethylgold bromideForbidden
UN 2751Diethylthiophosphoryl chloride8
Difluorochloroethanes, see 1-Chloro-1,1-difluoroethanes
UN 3252Difluoromethane or Refrigerant gas R 322.1
UN 1768Difluorophosphoric acid, anhydrous8
UN 1157
CAS 108-83-8
Diisobutyl ketone3
UN 2361Diisobutylamine3
UN 2050Diisobutylene, isomeric compounds3
UN 1902
CAS 298-07-7
Diisooctyl acid phosphate8
UN 1159
CAS 108-20-3
Diisopropyl ether3
UN 1158
CAS 108-18-9
Diisopropylbenzene hydroperoxide, with more than 72 percent in solutionForbidden
UN 2521
CAS 674-82-8
Diketene, stabilized6.1
UN 1161
CAS 616-38-6
Dimethyl carbonate3
Dimethyl chlorothiophosphate, see Dimethyl thiophosphoryl chloride
UN 2381
CAS 624-92-0
Dimethyl disulfide3
UN 1033
CAS 115-10-6
Dimethyl ether2.1
UN 1595
CAS 77-78-1
Dimethyl sulfate6.1
UN 1164
CAS 75-18-3
Dimethyl sulfide3
UN 2267
CAS 2524-03-0
Dimethyl thiophosphoryl chloride6.1
UN 2266Dimethyl-N-propylamine3
UN 1160
CAS 124-40-3
Dimethylamine solution3
UN 1032
CAS 124-40-3
Dimethylamine, anhydrous2.1
UN 2262
CAS 79-44-7
Dimethylcarbamoyl chloride8
UN 2263Dimethylcyclohexanes3
UN 1162
CAS 75-78-5
UN 2380Dimethyldiethoxysilane3
UN 2707Dimethyldioxanes3
Dimethylhexane dihydroperoxide (dry)Forbidden
UN 2382
CAS 540-73-8
Dimethylhydrazine, symmetrical6.1
UN 1163
CAS 57-14-7
Dimethylhydrazine, unsymmetrical6.1
Dinitro-7,8-dimethylglycoluril (dry)Forbidden
UN 1598
CAS 534-52-1
UN 1596
CAS 97-02-9
UN 1597
CAS 99-65-0
Dinitrobenzenes, liquid6.1
UN 3443
CAS 99-65-0
Dinitrobenzenes, solid6.1
Dinitrochlorobenzene, see Chlorodinitrobenzene
UN 1067
CAS 10102-44-0
Dinitrogen tetroxide2.3
UN 0489Dinitroglycoluril or Dingu1.1D
UN 1599
CAS 25550-58-7
Dinitrophenol solutions6.1
UN 0076
CAS 25550-58-7
Dinitrophenol, dry or wetted with less than 15 percent water, by mass1.1D
UN 1320
CAS 25550-58-7
Dinitrophenol, wetted with not less than 15 percent water, by mass4.1
UN 0077Dinitrophenolates alkali metals, dry or wetted with less than 15 percent water, by mass1.3C
UN 1321Dinitrophenolates, wetted with not less than 15 percent water, by mass4.1
Dinitropropylene glycolForbidden
UN 0078Dinitroresorcinol, dry or wetted with less than 15 percent water, by mass1.1D
UN 1322Dinitroresorcinol, wetted with not less than 15 percent water, by mass4.1
UN 0406Dinitrosobenzene1.3C
Dinitrosobenzylamidine and salts of (dry)Forbidden
UN 2038
CAS 121-14-2
Dinitrotoluenes, liquid6.1
UN 1600
CAS 121-14-2
Dinitrotoluenes, molten6.1
UN 3454Dinitrotoluenes, solid6.1
UN 1165
CAS 123-91-1
UN 1166
CAS 646-06-0
UN 2052Dipentene3
UN 1698Diphenylamine chloroarsine6.1
UN 1699Diphenylchloroarsine, liquid6.1
UN 3450Diphenylchloroarsine, solid6.1
UN 1769
CAS 80-10-4
UN 1770Diphenylmethyl bromide8
UN 0401Dipicryl sulfide, dry or wetted with less than 10 percent water, by mass1.1D
UN 2852Dipicryl sulfide, wetted with not less than 10 percent water, by mass4.1
Dipicrylamine, see Hexanitrodiphenylamine
Dipropionyl peroxide, with more than 28 percent in solutionForbidden
UN 2710Dipropyl ketone3
UN 2383
CAS 142-84-7
UN 1903Disinfectant, liquid, corrosive, n.o.s.8
UN 1903Disinfectants, liquid, corrosive n.o.s.8
UN 3142Disinfectants, liquid, toxic, n.o.s.6.1
UN 1601Disinfectants, solid, toxic, n.o.s.6.1
UN 3253Disodium trioxosilicate8
Dispersant gases, n.o.s. see Refrigerant gases, n.o.s.
UN 1167Divinyl ether, stabilized3
UN 1771Dodecyltrichlorosilane8
Dry ice, see Carbon dioxide, solid
UN 2801Dyes, liquid, corrosive, n.o.s. or Dye intermediates, liquid, corrosive, n.o.s8
UN 1602Dyes, liquid, toxic, n.o.s. or Dye intermediates, liquid, toxic, n.o.s.6.1
UN 3147Dyes, solid, corrosive, n.o.s. or Dye intermediates, solid, corrosive, n.o.s.8
UN 3143Dyes, solid, toxic, n.o.s. or Dye intermediates, solid, toxic, n.o.s.6.1
Dynamite, see Explosive, blasting, type A