Index of Hazardous Materials

CAS/UN/NA-NumberNameHazard Class
Galactsan trinitrateForbidden
UN 2803
CAS 1303-00-0
UN 2037Gas cartridges, (flammable) without a release device, non-refillable2.1
NA 9035Gas identification set2.3
UN 1202Gas oil3
UN 3167Gas sample, non-pressurized, flammable, n.o.s., not refrigerated liquid2.1
UN 3168Gas sample, non-pressurized, toxic, flammable, n.o.s., not refrigerated liquid2.3
UN 3169Gas sample, non-pressurized, toxic, n.o.s., not refrigerated liquid2.3
UN 3312Gas, refrigerated liquid, flammable, n.o.s. (cryogenic liquid)2.1
UN 3158Gas, refrigerated liquid, n.o.s. (cryogenic liquid)2.2
UN 3311Gas, refrigerated liquid, oxidizing, n.o.s. (cryogenic liquid)2.2
UN 1203
CAS 8006-61-9
Gasoline includes gasoline mixed with ethyl alcohol, with not more than 10% alcohol3
Gasoline, casinghead, see Gasoline
Gelatine dynamites, see Explosive, blasting, type A
Gelatine, blasting, see Explosive, blasting, type A
UN 2192Germane2.3
UN 3523Germane, adsorbed2.3
UN 2689Glycerol alpha-monochlorohydrin6.1
Glycerol gluconate trinitrateForbidden
Glycerol lactate trinitrateForbidden
Glyceryl trinitrate, see Nitroglycerin, etc
UN 2622Glycidaldehyde3
UN 0452Grenades practice, hand or rifle1.4G
UN 0293Grenades, hand or rifle, with bursting charge1.2F
Grenades, illuminating, see Ammunition, illuminating, etc
UN 0372Grenades, practice, hand or rifle1.2G
Grenades, smoke, see Ammunition, smoke, etc
UN 1467Guanidine nitrate5.1
Guanyl nitrosaminoguanylidene hydrazine (dry)Forbidden
UN 0113Guanyl nitrosaminoguanylidene hydrazine, wetted with not less than 30 percent water, by mass1.1A
Guanyl nitrosaminoguanyltetrazene (dry)Forbidden
UN 0114Guanyl nitrosaminoguanyltetrazene, wetted or Tetrazene, wetted with not less than 30 percent water or mixture of alcohol and water, by mass1.1A
Gunpowder, compressed or Gunpowder in pellets, see Black powder (UN 0028)
Gunpowder, granular or as a meal, see Black powder (UN 0027)