Index of Hazardous Materials

CAS/UN/NA-NumberNameHazard Class
m-Nitrobenzene diazonium perchlorateForbidden
m-Nitrophenyldinitro methaneForbidden
m-Phenylene diaminediperchlorate (dry)Forbidden
UN 1419Magnesium aluminum phosphide4.3
UN 1622
CAS 10103-50-1
Magnesium arsenate6.1
Magnesium bisulfite solution, see Bisulfites, aqueous solutions, n.o.s.
UN 1473Magnesium bromate5.1
UN 2723Magnesium chlorate5.1
UN 2004Magnesium diamide4.2
Magnesium dross, wet or hotForbidden
UN 2853Magnesium fluorosilicate6.1
UN 2950Magnesium granules, coated, particle size not less than 149 microns4.3
UN 2010Magnesium hydride4.3
UN 1474Magnesium nitrate5.1
UN 1869
CAS 7439-95-4
Magnesium or Magnesium alloys with more than 50 percent magnesium in pellets, turnings or ribbons4.1
UN 1475
CAS 10034-81-8
Magnesium perchlorate5.1
UN 1476
CAS 14452-57-4
Magnesium peroxide5.1
UN 2011Magnesium phosphide4.3
Magnesium scrap, see Magnesium, etc. (UN 1869)
UN 2624Magnesium silicide4.3
UN 1418
CAS 7439-95-4
Magnesium, powder or Magnesium alloys, powder4.3
Magnetized material, see §‚ÄČ173.21
UN 2215
CAS 108-31-6
Maleic anhydride8
UN 2215
CAS 108-31-6
Maleic anhydride, molten8
UN 2647
CAS 109-77-3
Mancozeb (manganese ethylenebisdithiocarbamate complex with zinc) see Maneb
UN 2210
CAS 12427-38-2
Maneb or Maneb preparations with not less than 60 percent maneb4.2
UN 2968
CAS 12427-38-2
Maneb stabilized or Maneb preparations, stabilized against self-heating4.3
UN 2724Manganese nitrate5.1
UN 1330Manganese resinate4.1
Mannitan tetranitrateForbidden
Mannitol hexanitrate (dry)Forbidden
UN 0133
CAS 15825-70-4
Mannitol hexanitrate, wetted or Nitromannite, wetted with not less than 40 percent water, or mixture of alcohol and water, by mass1.1D
Marine pollutants, liquid or solid, n.o.s., see Environmentally hazardous substances, liquid or solid, n.o.s.
Matches, block, see Matches, 'strike anywhere'
UN 2254Matches, fusee4.1
UN 1944Matches, safety (book, card or strike on box)4.1
UN 1331Matches, strike anywhere4.1
UN 1945Matches, wax, Vesta4.1
Matting acid, see Sulfuric acid
UN 3248Medicine, liquid, flammable, toxic, n.o.s3
UN 1851Medicine, liquid, toxic, n.o.s6.1
UN 3249Medicine, solid, toxic, n.o.s6.1
Memtetrahydrophthalic anhydride, see Corrosive liquids, n.o.s.
UN 3336Mercaptans, liquid, flammable, n.o.s. or Mercaptan mixture, liquid, flammable, n.o.s3
UN 1228Mercaptans, liquid, flammable, toxic, n.o.s. or Mercaptan mixtures, liquid, flammable, toxic, n.o.s3
UN 3071Mercaptans, liquid, toxic, flammable, n.o.s. or Mercaptan mixtures, liquid, toxic, flammable, n.o.s., flash point not less than 23 degrees C6.1
UN 1623Mercuric arsenate6.1
UN 1624
CAS 7487-94-7
Mercuric chloride6.1
Mercuric compounds, see Mercury compounds, etc
UN 1625
CAS 10045-94-0
Mercuric nitrate6.1
UN 1626
CAS 591-89-9
Mercuric potassium cyanide6.1
Mercuric sulfocyanate, see Mercury thiocyanate
Mercurol, see Mercury nucleate
Mercurous azideForbidden
Mercurous compounds, see Mercury compounds, etc
UN 1627
CAS 10415-75-5
Mercurous nitrate6.1
UN 2809Mercury8
UN 1629
CAS 1600-27-7
Mercury acetate6.1
Mercury acetylideForbidden
UN 1630Mercury ammonium chloride6.1
UN 2778Mercury based pesticides, liquid, flammable, toxic, flash point less than 23 degrees C3
UN 3012Mercury based pesticides, liquid, toxic6.1
UN 3011Mercury based pesticides, liquid, toxic, flammable, flash point not less than 23 degrees C6.1
UN 2777Mercury based pesticides, solid, toxic6.1
UN 1631
CAS 583-15-3
Mercury benzoate6.1
UN 1634
CAS 10031-18-2
Mercury bromides6.1
UN 2024
CAS 502-39-6
Mercury compound, liquid, n.o.s6.1
UN 2025
CAS 502-39-6
Mercury compound, solid, n.o.s6.1
UN 3506Mercury contained in manufactured articles8
UN 1636
CAS 592-04-1
Mercury cyanide6.1
UN 0135
CAS 628-86-4
Mercury fulminate, wetted with not less than 20 percent water, or mixture of alcohol and water, by mass1.1A
UN 1637Mercury gluconate6.1
UN 1638
CAS 7774-29-0
Mercury iodide6.1
Mercury iodide aquabasic ammonobasic (Iodide of Millon's base)Forbidden
Mercury nitrideForbidden
UN 1639Mercury nucleate6.1
UN 1640
CAS 1191-80-6
Mercury oleate6.1
UN 1641
CAS 21908-53-2
Mercury oxide6.1
Mercury oxycyanideForbidden
UN 1642Mercury oxycyanide, desensitized6.1
UN 1643
CAS 7783-33-7
Mercury potassium iodide6.1
UN 1644Mercury salicylate6.1
UN 1645
CAS 7783-35-9
Mercury sulfates6.1
UN 1646
CAS 592-85-8
Mercury thiocyanate6.1
UN 1229
CAS 141-79-7
Mesityl oxide3
UN 3281Metal carbonyls, liquid, n.o.s.6.1
UN 3466Metal carbonyls, solid, n.o.s.6.1
UN 2881Metal catalyst, dry4.2
UN 1378Metal catalyst, wetted with a visible excess of liquid4.2
UN 3182Metal hydrides, flammable, n.o.s4.1
UN 1409Metal hydrides, water reactive, n.o.s4.3
UN 3189Metal powder, self-heating, n.o.s4.2
UN 3089Metal powders, flammable, n.o.s4.1
Metal salts of methyl nitramine (dry)Forbidden
UN 3181Metal salts of organic compounds, flammable, n.o.s4.1
UN 1332Metaldehyde4.1
UN 3208Metallic substance, water-reactive, n.o.s4.3
UN 3209Metallic substance, water-reactive, self-heating, n.o.s4.3
UN 2396Methacrylaldehyde, stabilized3
UN 2531
CAS 79-41-4
Methacrylic acid, stabilized8
UN 3079
CAS 126-98-7
Methacrylonitrile, stabilized6.1
UN 2614Methallyl alcohol3
Methane and hydrogen, mixtures, see Hydrogen and methane, mixtures, etc
UN 1971
CAS 74-82-8
Methane, compressed or Natural gas, compressed (with high methane content)2.1
UN 1972
CAS 74-82-8
Methane, refrigerated liquid (cryogenic liquid) or Natural gas, refrigerated liquid (cryogenic liquid), with high methane content)2.1
UN 3246
CAS 124-63-0
Methanesulfonyl chloride6.1
UN 1230
CAS 67-56-1
Methazoic acidForbidden
UN 2605Methoxymethyl isocyanate6.1
UN 2933Methyl 2-chloropropionate3
UN 1231
CAS 79-20-9
Methyl acetate3
UN 1060Methyl acetylene and propadiene mixtures, stabilized2.1
UN 1919
CAS 96-33-3
Methyl acrylate, stabilized3
Methyl alcohol, see Methanol
UN 2554
CAS 563-47-3
Methyl allyl chloride3
Methyl amyl ketone, see Amyl methyl ketone
UN 1062
CAS 74-83-9
Methyl bromide2.3
Methyl bromide and chloropicrin mixtures with more than 2 percent chloropicrin, see Chloropicrin and methyl bromide mixtures
Methyl bromide and chloropicrin mixtures with not more than 2 percent chloropicrin, see Methyl bromide
UN 1647Methyl bromide and ethylene dibromide mixtures, liquid6.1
UN 2643Methyl bromoacetate6.1
UN 1237
CAS 623-42-7
Methyl butyrate3
Methyl chloride and chloropicrin mixtures, see Chloropicrin and methyl chloride mixtures
UN 1912Methyl chloride and methylene chloride mixtures2.1
UN 1063
CAS 74-87-3
Methyl chloride or Refrigerant gas R 402.1
UN 2295
CAS 96-34-4
Methyl chloroacetate6.1
Methyl chlorocarbonate, see Methyl chloroformate
Methyl chloroform, see 1,1,1-Trichloroethane
UN 1238
CAS 79-22-1
Methyl chloroformate6.1
UN 1239Methyl chloromethyl ether6.1
UN 2299Methyl dichloroacetate6.1
Methyl ethyl ether, see Ethyl methyl ether
Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, in solution with more than 9 percent by mass active oxygenForbidden
Methyl ethyl ketone, see Ethyl methyl ketone
UN 2454Methyl fluoride, or Refrigerant gas R 412.1
UN 1243
CAS 107-31-3
Methyl formate3
UN 2644
CAS 74-88-4
Methyl iodide6.1
UN 2053
CAS 105-30-6
Methyl isobutyl carbinol3
UN 1245
CAS 108-10-1
Methyl isobutyl ketone3
Methyl isobutyl ketone peroxide, in solution with more than 9 percent by mass active oxygenForbidden
UN 2480
CAS 624-83-9
Methyl isocyanate6.1
UN 1246
CAS 814-78-8
Methyl isopropenyl ketone, stabilized3
UN 2477
CAS 556-61-6
Methyl isothiocyanate6.1
UN 2400Methyl isovalerate3
UN 1928Methyl magnesium bromide, in ethyl ether4.3
UN 1064
CAS 74-93-1
Methyl mercaptan2.3
Methyl mercaptopropionaldehyde, see 4-Thiapentanal
UN 1247
CAS 80-62-6
Methyl methacrylate monomer, stabilized3
Methyl nitramine (dry)Forbidden
Methyl nitrateForbidden
Methyl nitriteForbidden
Methyl norbornene dicarboxylic anhydride, see Corrosive liquids, n.o.s.
UN 2606
CAS 681-84-5
Methyl orthosilicate6.1
NA 9206Methyl phosphonic dichloride6.1
Methyl phosphonothioic dichloride, anhydrous, see Corrosive liquid, n.o.s.
NA 2845Methyl phosphonous dichloride, pyrophoric liquid6.1
Methyl picric acid (heavy metal salts of)Forbidden
UN 1248
CAS 554-12-1
Methyl propionate3
UN 2612Methyl propyl ether3
UN 1249
CAS 107-87-9
Methyl propyl ketone3
Methyl sulfate, see Dimethyl sulfate
Methyl sulfide, see Dimethyl sulfide
UN 2398
CAS 1634-04-4
Methyl tert-butyl ether3
UN 2533Methyl trichloroacetate6.1
Methyl trimethylol methane trinitrateForbidden
UN 1251
CAS 78-94-4
Methyl vinyl ketone, stabilized6.1
UN 1234
CAS 109-87-5
Methylamine dinitramine and dry salts thereofForbidden
Methylamine nitroformForbidden
Methylamine perchlorate (dry)Forbidden
UN 1061
CAS 74-89-5
Methylamine, anhydrous2.1
UN 1235
CAS 74-89-5
Methylamine, aqueous solution3
UN 1233
CAS 108-84-9
Methylamyl acetate3
UN 2534Methylchlorosilane2.3
UN 2296
CAS 108-87-2
UN 2617
CAS 25639-42-3
Methylcyclohexanols, flammable3
UN 2297
CAS 583-60-8
UN 2298
CAS 96-37-7
NA 1556Methyldichloroarsine6.1
UN 1242
CAS 75-54-7
Methylene chloride, see Dichloromethane
Methylene glycol dinitrateForbidden
UN 1244
CAS 60-34-4
UN 2461Methylpentadienes3
Methylpentanes, see Hexanes
UN 2437
CAS 149-74-6
UN 2536Methyltetrahydrofuran3
UN 1250
CAS 75-79-6
Mine rescue equipment containing carbon dioxide, see Carbon dioxide
UN 0136Mines with bursting charge1.1F
Mixed acid, see Nitrating acid, mixtures etc
Mobility aids, see Battery powered equipment or Battery powered vehicle'
NA 0276Model rocket motor1.4C
UN 2508Molybdenum pentachloride8
Monochloroacetone (unstabilized)Forbidden
Monochloroethylene, see Vinyl chloride, stabilized
Monoethanolamine, see Ethanolamine, solutions
Monoethylamine, see Ethylamine
UN 2054
CAS 110-91-8
Morpholine, aqueous, mixture, see Corrosive liquids, n.o.s.
Motor fuel anti-knock compounds see Motor fuel anti-knock mixtures
UN 3483Motor fuel anti-knock mixture, flammable6.1
UN 1649
CAS 75-74-1
Motor fuel anti-knock mixtures6.1
Motor spirit, see Gasoline
Muriatic acid, see Hydrochloric acid
Musk xylene, see 5-tert-Butyl-2,4,6-trinitro-m-xylene