Index of Hazardous Materials

CAS/UN/NA-NumberNameHazard Class
UN 2330
CAS 1120-21-4
UN 3507Uranium hexafluoride, radioactive material, excepted package, less than 0.1 kg per package, non-fissile or fissile-excepted6.1
UN 1511Urea hydrogen peroxide5.1
UN 0220
CAS 124-47-0
Urea nitrate, dry or wetted with less than 20 percent water, by mass1.1D
UN 1357
CAS 124-47-0
Urea nitrate, wetted with not less than 20 percent water, by mass4.1
UN 3370Urea nitrate, wetted, with not less than 10 percent water by mass4.1
Urea peroxide, see Urea hydrogen peroxide