49 CFR 172 Special Provision B131 (B-Codes)

These provisions apply only to bulk packagings. Except as otherwise provided in this subchapter, these special provisions do not apply to UN portable tanks or IBCs.
DescriptionWhen transported by highway, rail, or cargo vessel, waste Paint and Paint related material (UN1263; PG II and PG III), when in plastic or metal inner packagings of not more than 26.5 L (7 gallons), are excepted from the marking requirements in Sec. 172.301(a) and (c) and the labeling requirements in Sec. 172.400(a), when further packed in the following specification and non-specification bulk outer packagings and under the following conditions:
  • a. Primary receptacles must conform to the general packaging requirements of subpart B of part 173 of this subchapter and may not leak. If they do leak, they must be overpacked in packagings conforming to the specification requirements of part 178 of this subchapter or in salvage packagings conforming to the requirements in Sec. 173.12 of this subchapter.
  • b. Primary receptacles must be further packed in non-specification bulk outer packagings such as cubic yard boxes, plastic rigid-wall bulk containers, dump trailers, and roll-off containers. Bulk outer packagings must be liquid tight through design or by the use of lining materials.
  • c. Primary receptacles may also be further packed in specification bulk outer packagings. Authorized specification bulk outer packagings are UN11G fiberboard intermediate bulk containers (IBC) and UN13H4 woven plastic, coated and with liner flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) meeting the Packing Group II performance level and lined with a plastic liner of at least 6 mil thickness.
  • d. All inner packagings placed inside bulk outer packagings must be blocked and braced to prevent movement during transportation that could cause the container to open or fall over. Specification IBCs and FIBCs are to be secured to a pallet.
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