49 CFR 172 Special Provision B33 (B-Codes)

These provisions apply only to bulk packagings. Except as otherwise provided in this subchapter, these special provisions do not apply to UN portable tanks or IBCs.
DescriptionMC 300, MC 301, MC 302, MC 303, MC 305, MC 306, and DOT 406 cargo tanks equipped with a 1 psig normal vent used to transport gasoline must conform to Table I of this Special Provision. Based on the volatility class determined by using ASTM D 439 and the Reid vapor pressure (RVP) of the particular gasoline, the maximum lading pressure and maximum ambient temperature permitted during the loading of gasoline may not exceed that listed in Table I.

Table I—Maximum Ambient Temperature—Gasoline

ASTM D439 volatility classMaximum lading and ambient temperature (see note 1)
A131 °F
(RVP<=9.0 psia)
B124 °F
(RVP<=10.0 psia)
C116 °F
(RVP<=11.5 psia)
D107 °F
(RVP<=13.5 psia)
E100 °F
(RVP<=15.0 psia)

Note 1: Based on maximum lading pressure of 1 psig at top of cargo tank.

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