49 CFR 172 Special Provision TP33 (TP-Codes)

These provisions apply to the transportation of hazardous materials in IM and UN Specification portable tanks.
DescriptionThe portable tank instruction assigned for this substance applies for granular and powdered solids and for solids which are filled and discharged at temperatures above their melting point which are cooled and transported as a solid mass. Solid substances transported or offered for transport above their melting point are authorized for transportation in portable tanks conforming to the provisions of portable tank instruction T4 for solid substances of packing group III or T7 for solid substances of packing group II, unless a tank with more stringent requirements for minimum shell thickness, maximum allowable working pressure, pressure-relief devices or bottom outlets are assigned in which case the more stringent tank instruction and special provisions shall apply. Filling limits must be in accordance with portable tank special provision TP3. Solids meeting the definition of an elevated temperature material must be transported in accordance with the applicable requirements of this subchapter.
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