49 CFR 172 Special Provisions – W-Codes

These provisions apply only to transportation by water.
W1This substance in a non friable prill or granule form is not subject to the requirements of this subchapter when tested in accordance with the UN Manual of Test and Criteria (IBR, see §171.7 of this subchapter) and is found to not meet the definition or criteria for inclusion in Division 5.1.Browse W1
W7Vessel stowage category for uranyl nitrate hexahydrate solution is “D” as defined in §172.101(k)(4).Browse W7
W8Vessel stowage category for pyrophoric thorium metal or pyrophoric uranium metal is “D” as defined in §172.101(k)(4).Browse W8
W9When offered for transportation by water, the following Specification packagings are not authorized unless approved by the Associate Administrator: woven plastic bags, plastic film bags, textile bags, paper bags, IBCs and bulk packagings.Browse W9
W10When offered for transportation by vessel, the use of Large Packagings (see §171.8 of this subchapter) is prohibited.Browse W10
W41When offered for transportation by water, this material must be packaged in bales and be securely and tightly bound with rope, wire or similar means.Browse W41