49 CFR 172 Special Provision 338 (Numeric Codes)

These provisions are multi-modal and apply to bulk and non-bulk packagings.
DescriptionLife Saving appliances, self-inflating transported by motor vehicle only between an U.S. Coast Guard approved inflatable life raft servicing facility and a vessel are only subject to the following requirements:
  • a. Prior to repacking into the life-saving appliance, an installed inflation cylinder must successfully meet and pass all inspection and test criteria and standards of the raft manufacturer and the vessel Flag State requirements for cylinders installed as part of life-saving appliances, self-inflating (UN2990) used on marine vessels. Additionally, each cylinder must be visually inspected in accordance with CGA pamphlet, CGA C–6 (incorporated by reference, see §171.7). A current copy of CGA pamphlet, CGA C–6 must be available at the facility servicing the life-saving appliance.
  • b. An installed inflation cylinder that requires recharging must be filled in accordance with § 173.301(l).
  • c. Every installed inflation cylinder, as associated equipment of the life-saving appliance, must be packed within the protective packaging of the life raft and the life raft itself must otherwise be in compliance with § 173.219.
  • d. The serial number for each cylinder must be recorded as part of the life-saving appliance service record by the U.S. Coast Guard-approved servicing facility.
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