49 CFR 172 Special Provision 382 (Numeric Codes)

These provisions are multi-modal and apply to bulk and non-bulk packagings.
DescriptionPackages containing toy plastic or paper caps for toy pistols described as ``UN0349, Articles, explosive, n.o.s. (Toy caps), 1.4S'' or ``NA0337, Toy caps, 1.4S'' are not subject to the subpart E (labeling) requirements of this part when offered for transportation by motor vehicle, rail freight, cargo vessel, and cargo aircraft and, notwithstanding the packing method assigned in Sec. 173.62 of this subchapter, in conformance with the following conditions:
  • a. The toy plastic or paper caps must be in the form of sheets, strips, rolls, or individual caps;
  • b. The caps must not contain more than an average of twenty-five hundredths of a grain of explosive composition per cap;
  • c. The caps must be packed inside packagings constructed of cardboard not less than 0.013-inch in thickness, metal not less than 0.008-inch in thickness, non-combustible plastic not less than 0.015- inch in thickness, or a composite blister package consisting of cardboard not less than 0.013-inch in thickness and non-combustible plastic not less than 0.005-inch in thickness that completely encloses the caps;
  • d. The minimum dimensions of each side and each end of the cardboard packaging must be 1/8th inch in height or more;
  • e. The number of caps inside each packaging must be limited so that not more than 10 grains of explosives composition may be packed into one cubic inch of space, and not more than 17.5 grains of the explosive composition of toy caps may be packed in any inner packaging;
  • f. Inner packagings must be packed in outer packagings meeting PG II performance criteria;
  • g. Toy caps may be packed with non-explosive or non-flammable articles provided the outer packagings are marked as prescribed in this paragraph;
  • h. Toy paper caps of any kind must not be packed in the same packaging with fireworks;
  • i. The outside of each package must be plainly marked ``ARTICLES, EXPLOSIVES, N.O.S. (TOY CAPS)--HANDLE CAREFULLY'' OR ``TOY CAPS--HANDLE CAREFULLY''; and
  • j. Explosives shipped in conformance with this paragraph must have been examined in accordance with Sec. 173.56 of this subchapter and approved by the Associate Administrator.
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