49 CFR 172 Special Provision 47 (Numeric Codes)

These provisions are multi-modal and apply to bulk and non-bulk packagings.
DescriptionMixtures of solids that are not subject to this subchapter and flammable liquids may be transported under this entry without first applying the classification criteria of Division 4.1, provided there is no free liquid visible at the time the material is loaded or at the time the packaging or transport unit is closed. Except when the liquids are fully absorbed in solid material contained in sealed bags, for single packagings, each packaging must correspond to a design type that has passed a leakproofness test at the Packing Group II level. Small inner packagings consisting of sealed packets and articles containing less than 10 mL of a Class 3 liquid in Packing Group II or III absorbed onto a solid material are not subject to this subchapter provided there is no free liquid in the packet or article.
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