Index of Hazardous Materials

CAS/UN/NA-NumberNameHazard Class
UN 3268Safety devices, electrically initiated9
UN 0503Safety devices, pyrotechnic1.4G
Safety fuse, see Fuse, safety
UN 0190Samples, explosive, other than initiating explosives
Sand acid, see Fluorosilicic acid
UN 1386Seed cake with more than 1.5 percent oil and not more than 11 percent moisture4.2
UN 2217Seed cake with not more than 1.5 percent oil and not more than 11 percent moisture4.2
UN 1386Seed cake, containing vegetable oil solvent extractions and expelled seeds, with not more than 10 percent of oil and when the amount of moisture is higher than 11 percent, with not more than 20 percent of oil and moisture combined4.2
UN 2630
CAS 10102-18-8
Selenates or Selenites6.1
UN 1905
CAS 7783-08-6
Selenic acid8
UN 3440
CAS 13410-01-0
Selenium compound, liquid, n.o.s6.1
UN 3283
CAS 10102-18-8
Selenium compound, solid, n.o.s6.1
UN 2657
CAS 7488-56-4
Selenium disulfide6.1
UN 2194
CAS 7783-79-1
Selenium hexafluoride2.3
Selenium nitrideForbidden
UN 2879
CAS 7791-23-3
Selenium oxychloride8
Self-defense spray, aerosol, see Aerosols, etc
NA 3334Self-defense spray, non-pressurized9
UN 3188Self-heating liquid, corrosive, inorganic, n.o.s4.2
UN 3185Self-heating liquid, corrosive, organic, n.o.s4.2
UN 3186Self-heating liquid, inorganic, n.o.s4.2
UN 3183Self-heating liquid, organic, n.o.s4.2
UN 3187Self-heating liquid, toxic, inorganic, n.o.s4.2
UN 3184Self-heating liquid, toxic, organic, n.o.s4.2
UN 3192Self-heating solid, corrosive, inorganic, n.o.s.4.2
UN 3126Self-heating solid, corrosive, organic, n.o.s4.2
UN 3190Self-heating solid, inorganic, n.o.s4.2
UN 3088Self-heating solid, organic, n.o.s4.2
UN 3127Self-heating solid, oxidizing, n.o.s.4.2
UN 3191Self-heating solid, toxic, inorganic, n.o.s.4.2
UN 3128Self-heating solid, toxic, organic, n.o.s4.2
Self-propelled vehicle, see Engines or Batteries etc
UN 3221Self-reactive liquid type B4.1
UN 3231Self-reactive liquid type B, temperature controlled4.1
UN 3223Self-reactive liquid type C4.1
UN 3233Self-reactive liquid type C, temperature controlled4.1
UN 3225Self-reactive liquid type D4.1
UN 3235Self-reactive liquid type D, temperature controlled4.1
UN 3227Self-reactive liquid type E4.1
UN 3237Self-reactive liquid type E, temperature controlled4.1
UN 3229Self-reactive liquid type F4.1
UN 3239Self-reactive liquid type F, temperature controlled4.1
UN 3222Self-reactive solid type B4.1
UN 3232Self-reactive solid type B, temperature controlled4.1
UN 3224Self-reactive solid type C4.1
UN 3234Self-reactive solid type C, temperature controlled4.1
UN 3226Self-reactive solid type D4.1
UN 3236Self-reactive solid type D, temperature controlled4.1
UN 3228Self-reactive solid type E4.1
UN 3238Self-reactive solid type E, temperature controlled4.1
UN 3230Self-reactive solid type F4.1
UN 3240Self-reactive solid type F, temperature controlled4.1
UN 1288Shale oil3
Shaped charges, see Charges, shaped, etc
UN 0373Signal devices, hand1.4S
UN 0505Signals, distress, ship1.4G
Signals, highway, see Signal devices, hand
UN 0192Signals, railway track, explosive1.1G
Signals, ship distress, water-activated, see Contrivances, water-activated, etc
UN 0196Signals, smoke1.1G
UN 2203Silane2.1
Silicofluoric acid, see Fluorosilicic acid
Silicon chloride, see Silicon tetrachloride
UN 1346
CAS 1344-09-8
Silicon powder, amorphous4.1
UN 1818
CAS 10026-04-7
Silicon tetrachloride8
UN 1859
CAS 7783-61-1
Silicon tetrafluoride2.3
UN 3521Silicon tetrafluoride, adsorbed2.3
Silver acetylide (dry)Forbidden
UN 1683Silver arsenite6.1
Silver azide (dry)Forbidden
Silver chlorite (dry)Forbidden
UN 1684
CAS 506-64-9
Silver cyanide6.1
Silver fulminate (dry)Forbidden
UN 1493Silver nitrate5.1
Silver oxalate (dry)Forbidden
Silver picrate (dry)Forbidden
UN 1347Silver picrate, wetted with not less than 30 percent water, by mass4.1
UN 1906Sludge, acid8
NA 3178Smokeless powder for small arms (100 pounds or less)4.1
UN 1907Soda lime with more than 4 percent sodium hydroxide8
UN 1428
CAS 7440-23-5
UN 2812
CAS 1302-42-7
Sodium aluminate, solid8
UN 1819
CAS 1302-42-7
Sodium aluminate, solution8
UN 2835
CAS 13770-96-2
Sodium aluminum hydride4.3
UN 2863Sodium ammonium vanadate6.1
UN 2473Sodium arsanilate6.1
UN 1685
CAS 7778-43-0
Sodium arsenate6.1
UN 1686
CAS 7784-46-5
Sodium arsenite, aqueous solutions6.1
UN 2027
CAS 7784-46-5
Sodium arsenite, solid6.1
UN 1687
CAS 26628-22-8
Sodium azide6.1
Sodium bifluoride, see Sodium hydrogendifluoride
Sodium bisulfite, solution, see Bisulfites, aqueous solutions, n.o.s.
UN 1426
CAS 16940-66-2
Sodium borohydride4.3
UN 3320Sodium borohydride and sodium hydroxide solution, with not more than 12 percent sodium borohydride and not more than 40 percent sodium hydroxide by mass8
UN 1494Sodium bromate5.1
UN 1688
CAS 124-65-2
Sodium cacodylate6.1
UN 3378Sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate5.1
UN 1495
CAS 7775-09-9
Sodium chlorate5.1
Sodium chlorate mixed with dinitrotoluene, see Explosive blasting, type C
UN 2428
CAS 7775-09-9
Sodium chlorate, aqueous solution5.1
UN 1496
CAS 7758-19-2
Sodium chlorite5.1
UN 2659Sodium chloroacetate6.1
UN 2316Sodium cuprocyanide, solid6.1
UN 2317Sodium cuprocyanide, solution6.1
UN 3414
CAS 143-33-9
Sodium cyanide solution6.1
UN 1689
CAS 143-33-9
Sodium cyanide, solid6.1
Sodium dichloroisocyanurate or Sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione, see Dichloroisocyanuric acid etc
UN 0234Sodium dinitro-o-cresolate, dry or wetted with less than 15 percent water, by mass1.3C
UN 3369Sodium dinitro-o-cresolate, wetted with not less than 10% water, by mass4.1
UN 1348Sodium dinitro-o-cresolate, wetted with not less than 15 percent water, by mass4.1
UN 1384
CAS 7775-14-6
Sodium dithionite or Sodium hydrosulfite4.2
UN 3415Sodium fluoride solution6.1
UN 1690
CAS 7681-49-4
Sodium fluoride, solid6.1
UN 2629
CAS 62-74-8
Sodium fluoroacetate6.1
UN 2674
CAS 16893-85-9
Sodium fluorosilicate6.1
Sodium hydrate, see Sodium hydroxide, solid
UN 1427
CAS 7646-69-7
Sodium hydride4.3
UN 2439
CAS 1333-83-1
Sodium hydrogendifluoride8
UN 2949
CAS 16721-80-5
Sodium hydrosulfide with not less than 25 percent water of crystallization8
UN 2318
CAS 16721-80-5
Sodium hydrosulfide, with less than 25 percent water of crystallization4.2
Sodium hydrosulfite, see Sodium dithionite
UN 1824
CAS 1310-73-2
Sodium hydroxide solution8
UN 1823
CAS 1310-73-2
Sodium hydroxide, solid8
Sodium hypochlorite, solution, see Hypochlorite solutions etc
Sodium metal, liquid alloy, see Alkali metal alloys, liquid, n.o.s.
UN 1431
CAS 124-41-4
Sodium methylate4.2
UN 1289
CAS 124-41-4
Sodium methylate solutions in alcohol3
UN 1825Sodium monoxide8
UN 1498
CAS 7631-99-4
Sodium nitrate5.1
UN 1499Sodium nitrate and potassium nitrate mixtures5.1
UN 1500
CAS 7632-00-0
Sodium nitrite5.1
UN 2567
CAS 131-52-2
Sodium pentachlorophenate6.1
UN 3377Sodium perborate monohydrate5.1
UN 1502
CAS 7601-89-0
Sodium perchlorate5.1
UN 1503
CAS 10101-50-5
Sodium permanganate5.1
UN 1504Sodium peroxide5.1
UN 3247Sodium peroxoborate, anhydrous5.1
UN 1505Sodium persulfate5.1
UN 1432Sodium phosphide4.3
UN 0235Sodium picramate, dry or wetted with less than 20 percent water, by mass1.3C
UN 1349Sodium picramate, wetted with not less than 20 percent water, by mass4.1
Sodium picryl peroxideForbidden
Sodium potassium alloys, see Potassium sodium alloys
Sodium selenate, see Selenates or Selenites
UN 1385
CAS 1313-82-2
Sodium sulfide, anhydrous or Sodium sulfide with less than 30 percent water of crystallization4.2
UN 1849
CAS 1313-82-2
Sodium sulfide, hydrated with not less than 30 percent water8
UN 2547Sodium superoxide5.1
Sodium tetranitrideForbidden
UN 3244Solids containing corrosive liquid, n.o.s.8
UN 3175Solids containing flammable liquid, n.o.s.4.1
UN 3243Solids containing toxic liquid, n.o.s.6.1
UN 0204Sounding devices, explosive1.2F
Spirits of salt, see Hydrochloric acid
Squibs, see Igniters etc
UN 2440
CAS 7646-78-8
Stannic chloride pentahydrate8
UN 1827
CAS 7646-78-8
Stannic chloride, anhydrous8
UN 1433Stannic phosphide4.3
Steel swarf, see Ferrous metal borings, etc
UN 2676
CAS 7803-52-3
Storage batteries, wet, see Batteries, wet etc
UN 1691Strontium arsenite6.1
UN 1506Strontium chlorate5.1
UN 1507
CAS 10042-76-9
Strontium nitrate5.1
UN 1508Strontium perchlorate5.1
UN 1509Strontium peroxide5.1
UN 2013
CAS 12504-13-1
Strontium phosphide4.3
UN 1692
CAS 57-24-9
Strychnine or Strychnine salts6.1
Styphnic acid, see Trinitroresorcinol, etc
UN 2055Styrene monomer, stabilized3
UN 0358Substances, explosive, n.o.s.1.2L
UN 0482Substances, explosive, very insensitive, n.o.s. or Substances, EVI, n.o.s.1.5D
UN 2780
CAS 485-31-4
Substituted nitrophenol pesticides, liquid, flammable, toxic, flash point less than 23 degrees C3
UN 3014
CAS 485-31-4
Substituted nitrophenol pesticides, liquid, toxic6.1
UN 3013
CAS 39300-45-3
Substituted nitrophenol pesticides, liquid, toxic, flammable, flash point not less than 23 degrees C6.1
UN 2779
CAS 485-31-4
Substituted nitrophenol pesticides, solid, toxic6.1
Sucrose octanitrate (dry)Forbidden
UN 2967
CAS 5329-14-6
Sulfamic acid8
NA 1350Sulfur9
Sulfur and chlorate, loose mixtures ofForbidden
UN 1828
CAS 10545-99-0
Sulfur chlorides8
Sulfur dichloride, see Sulfur chlorides
UN 1079
CAS 7446-09-5
Sulfur dioxide2.3
Sulfur dioxide solution, see Sulfurous acid
UN 1080
CAS 2551-62-4
Sulfur hexafluoride2.2
UN 2418
CAS 7783-60-0
Sulfur tetrafluoride2.3
UN 1829
CAS 7446-11-9
Sulfur trioxide, stabilized8
UN 2448Sulfur, molten4.1
Sulfuretted hydrogen, see Hydrogen sulfide
UN 1830
CAS 7664-93-9
Sulfuric acid with more than 51 percent acid8
UN 2796
CAS 7664-93-9
Sulfuric acid with not more than 51% acid8
UN 1831
CAS 8014-95-7
Sulfuric acid, fuming with 30 percent or more free sulfur trioxide8
UN 1831
CAS 8014-95-7
Sulfuric acid, fuming with less than 30 percent free sulfur trioxide8
UN 1832
CAS 7664-93-9
Sulfuric acid, spent8
Sulfuric and hydrofluoric acid mixtures, see Hydrofluoric and sulfuric acid mixtures
Sulfuric anhydride, see Sulfur trioxide, stabilized
UN 1833Sulfurous acid8
UN 1834
CAS 7791-25-5
Sulfuryl chloride6.1
UN 2191
CAS 2699-79-8
Sulfuryl fluoride2.3