Index of Hazardous Materials

CAS/UN/NA-NumberNameHazard Class
UN 1512Zinc ammonium nitrite5.1
UN 1712Zinc arsenate or Zinc arsenite or Zinc arsenate and zinc arsenite mixtures6.1
UN 1435Zinc ashes4.3
Zinc bisulfite solution, see Bisulfites, aqueous solutions, n.o.s.
UN 2469Zinc bromate5.1
UN 1513
CAS 10361-95-2
Zinc chlorate5.1
UN 2331
CAS 7646-85-7
Zinc chloride, anhydrous8
UN 1840
CAS 7646-85-7
Zinc chloride, solution8
UN 1713
CAS 557-21-1
Zinc cyanide6.1
UN 1931Zinc dithionite or Zinc hydrosulfite9
UN 2855
CAS 16871-71-9
Zinc fluorosilicate6.1
Zinc hydrosulfite, see Zinc dithionite
Zinc muriate solution, see Zinc chloride, solution
UN 1514Zinc nitrate5.1
UN 1515Zinc permanganate5.1
UN 1516
CAS 1314-22-3
Zinc peroxide5.1
UN 1714
CAS 1314-84-7
Zinc phosphide4.3
UN 1436
CAS 7440-66-6
Zinc powder or Zinc dust4.3
UN 2714Zinc resinate4.1
Zinc selenate, see Selenates or Selenites
Zinc selenite, see Selenates or Selenites
Zinc silicofluoride, see Zinc fluorosilicate
UN 1437Zirconium hydride4.1
UN 2728Zirconium nitrate5.1
UN 0236Zirconium picramate, dry or wetted with less than 20 percent water, by mass1.3C
UN 1517Zirconium picramate, wetted with not less than 20 percent water, by mass4.1
UN 2008
CAS 7440-67-7
Zirconium powder, dry4.2
UN 1358
CAS 7440-67-7
Zirconium powder, wetted with not less than 25 percent water (a visible excess of water must be present) (a) mechanically produced, particle size less than 53 microns; (b) chemically produced, particle size less than 840 microns4.1
UN 1932
CAS 7440-67-7
Zirconium scrap4.2
UN 1308
CAS 7440-67-7
Zirconium suspended in a liquid3
UN 2503
CAS 10026-11-6
Zirconium tetrachloride8
UN 2858
CAS 7440-67-7
Zirconium, dry, coiled wire, finished metal sheets, strip (thinner than 254 microns but not thinner than 18 microns)4.1
UN 2009
CAS 7440-67-7
Zirconium, dry, finished sheets, strip or coiled wire4.2